Potential AMRAD member fails clip lead test

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 6 07:10:52 CDT 2007

Phil and André,

AMRAD is open to one and all but the BACT is a self-selection process.
If one fails the test, he/she assumes room temperature and is incapable
of submitting an application.  By failure, the individual has also
defined his/her self as not worthy of AMRAD membership and thus does not
soil the reputation of AMRAD members.

Also, gay amputees are most welcome but we do not practice affirmative
actions to solicit their membership.  In fact, I do not remember having
ever met one.  If they are in the closet, do they count?


Philip Miller Tate wrote:
> Whoa, there - nobody told me when I joined that AMRAD is allowed to 
> exclude members on the grounds of ability, competence, or common sense - 
> or lack of same. Such requirements could make membership of AMRAD 
> illegal in the UK! Furthermore, I'd like to ask the committee what is 
> being done to ensure that at least 5% of our membership are gay amputees?
> Hugs and kisses,
> Phil (Hairy Biker) M1GWZ
>>     Frank,
>>     I believe the title of your e-mail is seriously disrespectful,
>>     even downright insulting to us real AMRAD members.
>>     Surely, anyone who fails the Standard BACT /(Basic Amrad Clip-lead
>>     Test) /would never even be considered as a potential member/
>>     /73
>>     André/
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