Potential AMRAD member fails clip lead test

Joe Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Thu Sep 6 09:46:48 CDT 2007

Miswiring of the dryer mains is a common mishap here in the States, 
leading to the early demise of several people each year.  Our 220 / 240 
volt mains, used for only major appliances, is comprised of 4 wires 
total.  There are two hots. a neutral, and a safety ground.  There is 
110 / 120 volts available from each hot lead to neutral, and 220 / 240 
volts across both hots.  This can cause the case of the machine to be 
"hot" if miswired, by either omitting the neutral, safety ground, or 
reversing a hot / neutral lead. Though the heating elements, etc in 
these appliances require 240 volts, courtesy lamps, and so on still 
operate on 120 - hence the two hots with 120 available either side to 

The 220 / 240 mains in the UK operates like our 110 / 120 line.  Hot, 
neutral. and ground.  The neutral and ground is common ONLY at the 
breaker box.  The way our (USA) residential 240 circuit works allows for 
two 120 branches to balance the load, whilst still allowing for 240 for 
the range, AC, water heater, etc.

Misunderstanding of the wire colour code or not understanding that both 
legs of our 220 circuit in the states is often the cause of Darwinism 
mishaps.  Our USA colors are typically HOT = RED and BLACK, NEUTRAL = 
WHITE, SAFETY GROUND = GREEN.   Newer 120 line cords, even here in the 
States are generally adapting the European colors of Brown = Hot, Blue = 
Neutral, and Greeen/Yellow = Ground.

You folks in the UK seem to have the safest circuits of all.  I like the 
individual fused plugs, not to mention the on / off switch that exists 
at most outlets.

Joe, N6DGY
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Philip Miller Tate wrote:
> Dear Frank
> Currently, at least in the UK (and I'm sure Brian will testify to 
> this), it is not sufficient simply to welcome all potential members, 
> but 'positive' discrimination and active recruiting of minority group 
> members may be a legal requirement. However, as a qualified physical 
> chemist, I am willing to accept that it may be both unreasonable and 
> unsuccessful to attempt to extract a subscription from a member who 
> has achieved thermodynamic equilibrium. Achieving ambient temperature 
> is an acceptable test of this state, irrespective of any resistive 
> heating attained /en route/.
> It is sad to recognize that several individuals, usually housewives, 
> in the UK die each year when attempting to use faulty washing machines 
> that are leaking water onto a wet floor, when the user is barefoot. I 
> mean, /several/. Having said that, it's high time we took steps to 
> reduce our mains supplies to 120V - a /lot/ safer.
> Regards,
> Phil M1GWZ
> On 6 Sep 2007, at 13:10, Frank Gentges wrote:
>> Phil and André,
>> AMRAD is open to one and all but the BACT is a self-selection process.
>> If one fails the test, he/she assumes room temperature and is incapable
>> of submitting an application.  By failure, the individual has also
>> defined his/her self as not worthy of AMRAD membership and thus does not
>> soil the reputation of AMRAD members.
>> Also, gay amputees are most welcome but we do not practice affirmative
>> actions to solicit their membership.  In fact, I do not remember having
>> ever met one.  If they are in the closet, do they count?
>> Frank
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