Prices are really falling

Richard O'Neill richardoneill at
Thu Sep 6 10:41:28 CDT 2007

 I recently bought a relatively inexpensive laptop in that price range. 
It has WiFi and runs Vista. The other day I turned it on to upload some 
digital pictures from my camera and noticed it had connected itself to 
the internet (through a local WiFi) and started downloading God only 
knows what. I quickly turned it off (no shutdown routine) and started it 
up again. This time it told me NOT TO SHUT IT DOWN! At least it didn't 
say 'OR ELSE'.

 The manual shows a WiFi switch on the front but it doesn't seem to 
control anything, I can't shut it off. I'm beginning to think this thing 
has a mind of it's own. Perhaps all that activity Joe reported IS an 
indication these machines have finally become self aware. Just to be 
sure I now pull the AC plug AND remove the battery. Who knows, next I 
may have to barricade my bedroom door at night in case it comes looking 
for me - or the battery. What has Bill Gates spawned this time?

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