Prices are really falling

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Be careful, however.  I bought a new Toshiba laptop a couple months back for
my father-in-law.  It works great, but with only 512MB RAM, Vista is VERY
SLOW.  It is a Core 2 Duo, not Celery.  Sharing memory between the video and
CPUs is the main cuplrit, I believe.

If you run Vista, make sure you get at least 1GB RAM, 2GB would be better.
Spend the money on the RAM upgrade.

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Wow!  There must be a notebook computer price war going on.  We bought
an Acer Aspire 3680-2682 in early August for $398 at Walmart.  They had
them stacked up like cord wood in the aisle for all to see.  Bottom
feeding at Walmart can be fun.

We used the Acer on our trip to Utah and can vouch for the fact it is a
real computer and is quite useful.  When we stopped in a motel with free
Wi-Fi it connected right up so we could see what was going on in the
world.  Another thing, the Wi-Fi seems to be more sensitive and thus
better able to connect on weak links.

Now comes this Office Depot model.  Our Acer has a 14.1 inch screen and
the Office Depot is 15.4 inches.  Other than that, the Acer and the
Compaq model at $299.99 are pretty much alike.  And then there is the
upgrade on processor, memory and Vista for $75 and we are still short of
the Walmart price.

This also shows how much the production costs on the LCD screens have
dropped and we are seeing desktop LCDs with more resolution for less
money.  A 15.4 inch screen used to be a premium feature.

This suggests we may have to redefine the boundary between "landfill"
and "dumpster" grade computers before long.  In the meantime, we are
awash in computer options for our work with SDRs.

Frank K0BRA

Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> For $375, that is a lot of laptop for everyday use.
> How do they do it ?
> Do they lose money on each, but make it up on volume ?
> 73
> André
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