Prices are really falling

John Teller jsteller at
Thu Sep 6 16:38:44 CDT 2007

Or avoid that quagmire altogether and install Ubuntu or your favorite flavor of Linux.  I've been able to resurrect two laptops that were too slow to run XP and all the associated paraphernalia.  They ran Ubuntu just fine, which even found the WIFI adapter on one of them.

--- JST

Be careful, however.  I bought a new Toshiba laptop a couple months back for
my father-in-law.  It works great, but with only 512MB RAM, Vista is VERY
SLOW.  It is a Core 2 Duo, not Celery.  Sharing memory between the video and
CPUs is the main cuplrit, I believe.

If you run Vista, make sure you get at least 1GB RAM, 2GB would be better.
Spend the money on the RAM upgrade.

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