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Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> This subject was discussed today at noon at our Tacos lunch meeting
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Only Mark Stephens could take an article about Google and turn it in to
an 'Apple sucks' piece (I am a fan of neither I should point out). I
believe GOOG is in this for so called net neutrality reasons or rather
the opposite. Already we are seeing traffic shaping for sites like
gootube. Google is concerned that if 700 MHz is left in control of a
typical cellular company this trend will only continue into eventually
premium traffic virtual networks. Yahoo and Microsoft are both at this
moment looking into how to do this (and have people pay for it no less).
In the end yes Google would be a large ISP but I think that would
actually help bolster competition against the traditional "big boy" cell
companies (whom I am no fan of either). I know there are some "big guys"
on here but that's how I see it anyhoo. Personally I am more than
cautious of Kevin Martin's motivations for this band given the track
record but I am in favor of sticking to the stated intentions of "cost
effective deployment and more completion".

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