IBOC (It Bothers Other Channels) is now on 24/7

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"Will one of the flashpoints in the coming battle over HD Radio on AM at 
night end up being upstate NEW YORK?

It's starting to look that way, thanks to Bob Savage, founder and owner 
of WYSL (1040 Avon). The famously independent broadcaster (and longtime 
friend of this column and its editor) has been stirring up a hornet's 
nest with his "call to action" for fellow small AM stations facing what 
he says will be ruinous interference from nighttime HD broadcasts on the 
AM dial.

In Savage's case, his 500-watt night signal, which does a surprisingly 
good job of reaching Rochester, 20 miles to the north, will likely be 
all but extinguished (possibly even within its own city of license, 
Savage says) on many nights by the digital sidebands from WBZ (1030 Boston).

Savage says he's received support for his campaign from several big guns 
in the industry, including WSM (650 Nashville) chief engineer Watt 
Hairston, and he's asking other stations in similar situations to his to 
contact Congress and the NAB to call for action to save their signals 
from interference.

"Any gain from implementation of HD-AM, no matter how slight, will come 
at the expense of massive trauma to small and medium market AM 
operators," says Savage. He says he stands to lose a significant amount 
of sports revenue - and potentially a good chunk of his retirement, too, 
having staked it on the success of WYSL - if the station can't be heard 
at night.

Could WYSL end up being one of the test cases for the interference 
disputes that are bound to arise come mid-September, when nighttime HD 
on AM is legalized? We'll be listening."

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Wanna see what IBOC looks like on a spectrum display?


Let the legal fireworks begin!

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