Digital Television Transition Expo

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Thu Sep 20 15:17:47 CDT 2007

<rant on>
It will never happen.  I will go ahead and stick my head back in the sand
until Feb. 17, 2009.

Then, there will be a great hue and cry from about the country, as the FCC
tries to pry analog television from our old, withered hands.

On that date, the AARP, ACLU, and other civil organizations will march upon
Congress, demanding a return of analog television to their now-dead sets.
Converters: we don't need no stinkin' converters.  WE are the old, poor,
illegally here, disenfranchised citizens and non-citizens that cannot afford
converters, cable, satellite, or other methods to translate this evil
digital stuff.  While we are at it, we will demand a return of Happy Days,
Gidget, The Lone Range, and Dark Shadows.  Bring back Jim Rockford, Laverne
& Shirley and all things happy and simple.

Carroll O'Conner and Normal Lear ruined the world..  In fact, we believe
that Normal Lear invented HDTV.  After he made all that money designing
jets, he decided to focus his attention on American social issues, and
improving them in his rich, misguided mind.  And don't get us started about
Carroll O'Conner.  After his son Jerry invented sliding, it was easy for
them to escape to an alternative Earth to avoid the ruin they brought to our

Wait a minute, we have 60-inch bigscreens, DirecTV with Al Jazeera,
Univision, Telemundo, and Sahara One.  But our fourth set in the bathroom
will need a converter, and we cannot afford to even pay our taxes.  As if we
needed to.  Pay taxes, that is.

BTW, can you hear a zero or a one?  We cannot, and believe the "digital
revolution" is an abomination being inflicted upon nature herself.

<rant off>

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> Almost every Saturday at tacos the details of transitioning to digital
> television comes up one way or another. Now our good friends at NTIA are
> putting on a "Digital Television Transition Expo" in the Department of
> Commerce Lobby and Auditorium.  It will be from 9 AM until 1 PM Sept 25.
>   That is this coming Tuesday.
> AMRAD members should attend in order to be an informed participant in
> the tacos discussions.  Details at:
> A lot of vendors will be there.  If you have questions, they will.....
> Frank K0BRA
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