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RF Design Magazine is/was one of best free trade journals and was 
specialized on RF issues.  They are now sooo *pleased* to stop 
publication.  Phooey!!

I am not pleased that they will roll up their future work into a web 
site and other places.  In six months, little if any will remain, I fear.

Oh, well, I guess they just could not find enough RF engineers to sign 
up so they could not get the advertising needed to support their free 

Engineering schools did not ever do well teaching RF and the future does 
not look good.  Just catch Glenn at tacos and ask him about today's 
engineering graduates.

I suggest all AMRAD members carefully store away their copies of Termin 
and Henney.  These may become the main source of knowledge in the arcane 
field of RF.

Meanwhile, we see RF systems released with little if no RF diagnostics 
and engineers are left to rely on chip makers to produce their wares on 
highly integrated chips  of tiny slabs of silicon and other strange 
semiconductors from secret back room cauldrons.

But, you ask, where will the future chip designers get their knowledge?
.......(crickets chirping)


Frank K0BRA
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