[Fwd: Important Notice regarding your subscription to RF Design Magazine]

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Thu Sep 27 21:32:58 CDT 2007

it's hardly limited to RF Design

as far as i can tell based on my "trade" subscriptions,
the days of the paper trade magazine are numbered with
an unsigned 8-bit integer.

almost all of the trades i get have offered a "digital"
version for at least the past year or two. some still offer
a print version, which i usually prefer, but a goodly portion
have phased out the print version leaving on the digital version.

avoiding printing and mailing has huge positive impact on the
margins in the magazine business.  the down side is that 
it's bloody hard to read a digital version in the Reading Room
or on an airplane.

as for lack of real experience in college grads, i just saw an
article the other day lamenting the fact that all this integration
is making it impossible to actually get your hands on "stuff"
even if you want to. i was quite surprised to hear an EE department
claiming great wisdom as demonstrated by the *reintroduction* of
"circuit labs" - where students actually *build* something on
a breadboard using real, physical parts! what a concept!

the next thing you know, they'll rediscover the power of
Thermionic Valves!!


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