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Fri Sep 28 14:34:31 CDT 2007

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>Subject: Summitt Estate Auction Wrapup
>I'm happy to report that we'll be wrapping up the Summitt Estate auction
>tonight at the club meeting.
>Subject to modification, my plan to finish the auction is this:  At the
>meeting, I'll have a printout of the bids as of this afternoon and I'll find
>out what items members are interested in entering new bids on.  On those
>items only, I'll solicit bids from the membership until a high bid is
>reached.  I'm hoping that we don't use up too much of our meeting time to
>complete the auction.
>Photos of all the equipment as well as the spreadsheet which includes
>current bids as of this morning are available here:
>I'd like to collect payment as soon as possible for all of the auction
>items.  I plan to present Kay Summitt with a single check for the auction
>proceeds on Sunday when we go over to pick things up and organize the
>remaining items.  If you're bidding on items in the auction and are coming
>to the meeting tonight, please bring your checkbook or cash.
>Also, please remember that as is normal for this stuff -- all items in the
>auction are as-is and non-returnable.  It's always a gamble.
>Members bidding on many items or heavy items will be asked to come to
>Arlington on Sunday afternoon (after the President's Picnic) to pick up
>their gear.  Smaller items for members bidding on one or two things will be
>brought back with other members.  We'll work out how to get you your gear.
>We are trying to avoid arriving at Kay Summit's house en-masse.  There
>simply isn't room for all of us to show up there and she's expressed a
>desire not to have a large number of people at her house.
>If you're unable to attend the meeting, and would like the opportunity to
>raise your bid at the end, please contact me.
>Please send bids to: summitt at viennawireless.org
>Pete Norloff, KG4OJT
>kg4ojt at viennawireless.org

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