And then there was Perseus

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed Oct 10 19:48:49 CDT 2007


There is a new SDR on the scene from Italy.  AMRAD's good friend 
Alberto, I2PHD has done some nifty stuff in the past for signal 
processing on the computer.  Now, he as written a program for Perseus 
and the results of the combination looks very good.

I cannot speak of all the differences between the Perseus receiver and 
the SDR-IQ but most obvious is the bank of 1/2 octave bandpass filters 
in front of the A/D.  This was probably in response to all the super 
strong signals in the HF band in Europe.  Its a nice addition.  There 
also appears to be some subtle coding in the processing to get the spurs 
down.  In the end, this thing is really clean.

One thing missing in my estimation is the ability to bypass all the A/D 
front end so we could do direct bandpass sampling of something like 2 
meters.  Oh, well, a soldering iron could fix this in short order.

I won't try to pass along all the good links so I will just pass along 
the link to Alberto's web page and everyone can take it from there. 
Check out the links at the bottom of his page.

Frank K0BRA

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