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Howard Cunningham howardc at
Sat Oct 13 23:22:07 CDT 2007


At Tacos today there was a discussion about why some emails
are not delivered.  I looked at the email that Mike posted
tonight and found that there are multiple problems with the
zone file setting for the domain and email..

The mx record specifies
Emails are coming from: received: from
That mismatch will cause more and more mail servers to not
accept and/or reject emails.

DNS Issue #1: is as an amrad name server but it is
not listed with the registrar

Your NS records at the parent servers are: [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [] [TTL=172800] [US]

Your NS records at your nameservers are: [] [TTL=3600] [] [TTL=3600] [] [TTL=3600] [] [TTL=3600] [] [TTL=3600] [] [TTL=3600]

DNS Issue #2: will do recursive lookups.  I recommend
that recursion be disabled reports that it will do recursive lookups


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