My brother's new tower and SteppIR beam

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sun Oct 14 16:12:33 CDT 2007

And where is this beautiful antenna located ? (i.e., can I go there to 
operate ? :-)

Mike O'Dell wrote:
> the SteppIR has the 30/40 meter dipole addition.
> there's a 2m/440 colinear on top of the mast,
> and there's a 80/160 inverted V off a coax arm.
> the tower is USTower's 55' triangular with the
> power up/down unit.
> all the cables go across to the house airborne
> on a messenger.  he's still gotta make up some
> cables and connectors so "first RF" is still
> a couple of days away.
> as you can imagine, he's a happy camper.
>     -mo
> stinfo/tacos

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