My brother's new tower and SteppIR beam

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sun Oct 14 20:55:40 CDT 2007


Such a remote set-up could be quite interesting indeed.
I have felt  --for a long time now--  that we ought to think of older 
hams who, when they eventually move to retirement homes, no longer have 
access to antennas etc.
A remote system, allowing only vetted persons (i.e., OK hams, not 
fools), to operate from their new QTH, would be such a nice gift for 
those old hams.
A small monthly access fee could cover running cost, electricity bills, 
hardware repair etc (such as replacements for the 811's...)

Steve Floyd, WB4YHD, demonstrated a very simple set up, one afternoon at 
the QCWA.
His HF rig was on stand-by at his QTH; he used his laptop here in Vienna 
VA to lob on via some Wi-Fi link that happened to be available in teh 
Vienna area, and very soon, speaking in the built-in mike and 
loudspeakers of his laptop, he was making QSOs on HF.   Great demonstration

Of course, we would still have to solve the problems of
- VSWR when changing frequencies,
- orientation of the beam

André  N4ICK


Mike O'Dell wrote:
> Ardmore, Oklahoma.  almost exactly
> the mid-point of I-35 between
> Dallas and Oklahoma City
> he'd love to have guests.
> maybe i can talk him into putting up one of those
> internet gateway things for remote operation.
> he has a new Yeasu 2000. very nice indeed with the
> data management goober. and he's got an Ameritron
> linear with 4 811As, so he oughta be able to boil
> the air really good.
>     -mo
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