amrad email problems

Robert Stratton bob at stratton.NET
Mon Oct 15 11:55:06 CDT 2007

> Not well-configured nameservers unless there's SPF stuff
> that says
> only receive from mx ("v=spf1 mx -all").  If you are aware
> of any mail
> servers that come configured out of the box to refuse
> everything that
> doesn't come from the proper mx, I'd appreciate a pointer.
>  [HC:] I have not seen this behavior out of the box, but I
> am seeing more and more mail servers either reject or not
> accept emails when the IP address of the sending server does
> not match the MX record.  I am not saying that this practice
> is correct or even good, we just keep running into it.

It may be a little more complex than matching the MX record. I tend  
to use a milter called smf-sav (for "sender address verification")  
which attempts to determine whether the "From" address is actually  
reachable for purposes of sending mail.  The tests are roughly  
equivalent to the set of things you'd do when attempting to deliver  
the message, including resolution of MX and A records.

I only mention it because it's slightly more involved than just  
matching addresses.

--Bob Stratton

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