6m radios

David Aitcheson - KB3EFS kb3efs at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 16:57:55 CDT 2007


--- Gary Chatters <gc-ar-l at garychatters.com> wrote:

> The repeater list says 53.47 MHz Catonsville repeater requires a
> 107.2 Hz tone.

That shreds another cobweb! :)

> The Maryland FM http://www.marylandfm.org repeater system does not 
> include a 6M system.
> At one time there was a 6M remote base at one of their sites.  I do
> not recall if the MFMA club maintained it or if it belonged to an
> individual.

Now that you mention it I recall that it was a remote base, but who
owned it escapes me.

> Are the Laurel ARC guys active on 6M FM?

I have no clue currently.


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