A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Thu Oct 25 08:04:26 CDT 2007

 > w3hxf at wrote:
 > > A few months ago you had a great map type URL [that I can't find anymore],
 > > that had a map with locations of repearers and their frequencies marked on the map.
 > >
 > > Also monitoring 147.21 for you answer
 > > 73, Bill

At ARRL/TAPR DCC WB4APR was pleading that more repeater operators
provide location data, and that APRS be used to provide
location, antenna height and gain, and frequency and PL information.

Alas, not much of that data appears on our local APRS. (I have been
monitoring APRS by connection the radio receiver speaker jack
to the line-in hack on the computer, then using the soundmodem package
to receive the packet data and xastir to display over maps. That setup
has been running over a week now.)

Interesting to note that the OpenAPRS guys have Google Earth KML/KMZ files
updated every 5 minutes. Got to and
note that they have Google Earth files for IRLP locations as well.


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