FW: [Mw] Question : Up Converter (HF) for ICOM R7000 Receiver ?

David Rogers dvrogers at cox.net
Sat Oct 27 13:54:57 CDT 2007

Does anyone know what may have happened to A.R.E. Engineering?  They are not
listed in the telephone book.  I would like to assist Alan on the local info
is possible.

Dave Rogers

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Subject: [Mw] Question : Up Converter (HF) for ICOM R7000 Receiver ?

Gidday Knowledge pool,
                                          this enquiry is a bit off my 
normal Microwave "fare".. but let's see if anyone has any ideas...

I have recently acquired a lovely R7000 general coverage Receiver... so... 
it has 25-2000 Mhz coverage with no Gaps in this Aussie version !

It has installed a very simple Up Converter that "shifts" the 0-30 Mhz 
segment up to 100 -130 Mhz..  so allowing for the reception of the LF, MF & 
HF frequency ranges.
It's a small PCB mounted on the underside of the R7000. On it is a 100 Mhz 
Xtal Osc, an SBL-1 Mixer & a couple of IC's and a few control wires.
In my unit.. Dimmer Button activates this function & the "HF" antenna Input 
is via one of the RCA type connectors marked "spare" on the rear.

This modification is/was NOT a standard ICOM Option.

My question.... I believe the product (PCB or Kit ?) was made by A.R.E 
Engineering or similar from Vienna, Va. now defunct ?
Does anyone have knowledge/details of this hardware ? There's very little on

the Web.. just a few comments on it's existence..
It sure is a very simple and effective little modification.... it works well

albeit with poor sensitivity.

Now I I can reverse engineer the hardware/mod'n but there may be info'n out 
there already..?

May I suggest a reply "off Reflector" direct to my Email address please ?
For those who may be interested... I will Post a summary of the responses I 
get in due course.


Alan - VK3XPD.

Alan Devlin.
Melbourne, Australia.

WEB PAGE URL  http://www.users.bigpond.com/alandevlin/index.html

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