6m radio project (Annapolis)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 29 11:36:12 CDT 2007

Sign me up for one.
Ill put it on the air in Annapolis.
Be a nice back channel which does not interfere with other
things going on on VHF and UHF...
Ill probably hook it up as a remote base so I can use it from my
car without having to lug it around.

I also have 6 of those 100 watt 6 meter radios we bought a long
time ago to put on packet... 

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR 

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> Subject: 6m radio project (again)
> Its base range is 40 to 50 MHz. 
> With a minimum of retuning it covers the entire 6m ham band.
> It's a 110 watt radio. 
> Very potent. 
> Two amps of RF on the antenna.
> In stock form it holds 22 channels. 
> It's a 'trunk mount' style radio. 
> I will be lucky to have 10 or 12 channels worth of 
> programming for local use.
> Then put them in boxes as complete kits.
> For a set up radio, I'm thinking of about 75 bucks each. 

> MC Hawking

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