Fwd: [antenneX Broadcast] Rare Book Available - "Shortwave Antennas" byAyzenberg, G. Z.

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 18 12:05:12 CST 2007


I went to their site some years ago and then moved on to other 
interests.  What an improvement.  Antenna enthusiasts should sign up and 
troll around their web site.

I did download a number of their classics.  If anyone wants, I can bring 
along a CD to tacos of the good stuff.

Now, to find some time to browse through this book.

Frank K0BRA

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> [antenneX Broadcast] Rare Book Available - "Shortwave Antennas" 
> byAyzenberg, G. Z.
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> Folks:
> It was recently brought to my attention by a member of our 
> antenna-discussion list, the Army Foreign Science And Technology 
> Center Charlottesville, VA has made a 714-page 49 MB PDF copy of the 
> "Shortwave Antenna" by Ayzenberg, G. Z. available to the public. I 
> have obtained a copy of it and made it available for download in our 
> Guest Rooms Antenna Science, Classic Works section.
> Abstract : The monograph is a revision of the book Antennas for 
> Shortwave Radio Communication published in 1948. Included are such 
> newer antennas as broadside multiple times antennas and in 
> particular broadside antennas with untuned reflectors, traveling 
> wave antennas with pure resistance coupling, logarithmic antennas, 
> multiple-tuned shut dipoles and others. The material on rhombic 
> antennas was expanded and new chapters on single-wire traveling 
> antennas and on the comparative noise stability of various receiving 
> antennas.
> If you want a copy, it may be found at this URL:
> http://guests.antennex.com/rooms/science/classics.htm
> If you are not already registered for free access to our Guest 
> Rooms, you may register here:
> http://www.antennex.com/guests.html
> Some with slow Internet connections have asked if I would make the 
> 49MB book by G. Z. Ayzenberg available on CD. It's an interesting 
> request with merit, but I was thinking it might be a better idea to 
> also include the archives of the antenna-discussion list on the same 
> CD as I've had requests for the list archives on CD as well. The 
> list archives contains more than 13,000 postings with some very 
> useful and valuable tech info.
> I am willing to produce the CD and ship at my cost which I figured 
> is $10.00 including assembly of info, the CCard Merchant fees, cost 
> of blank CD, burning the CD, CD labeling, packaging, package 
> labeling, postage and trips to the Post Office.
> We decided to make this offer available to our readers as well and 
> thus, I have prepared a special order form on our antenneX secure 
> server so you may now place your order at the URL below (you will 
> see asafeserver.com after clicking the URL):
> http://tinyurl.com/23yfgk
> Thanks -- just another benefit found at antenneX!
> (^_^)
> Jack L. Stone, Publisher
> antenneX Online Magazine
> http://www.antennex.com
> jack at antennex.com
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