Electronic Waste Disposal in China

fgentges at mindspring.com fgentges at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 19 13:08:43 CST 2007


I thought old computers and cell phones just got piled up in landfills. 
  Well, it turns out it goes to China and then.....

See http://abpdd-media.com/portal/wts/cgmc77aV3qee8icgiybEEszMa

This is much worse than here in the United States or UK, or is it?

For those that know me, I hate to see working computers just thrown into 
a dumpster and instead should be put into "utility" service doing simple 
tasks with less demanding operating systems.

Eventually, however, they will be replaced with better "Dumpster" grade 
computers and then they become "Landfill" grade computers and go to 
China for disposal.

Don't forget to save those 64 mb high speed 15 nsec static rams in the 
486 machines.  They might have some use in a homebrew SDR box someday.

Frank K0BRA

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