Dark Energy

Joseph Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Fri Nov 23 17:20:27 CST 2007

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Hey Tacitos,

One of the concepts in the recently linked article, "Honey, I Doomed  
The Universe", Dark Energy was mentioned.  The writer explains this as  
a yet to be detected form of energy, but is believed to contribute to  
the universe's expansion.    I would say the writers of that article  
are missing one very important concept.

The result of 'dark energy' has been observed since humans first  
inhabited Earth, yet it is only in more modern times that we have had  
a proper term for the action, yet this is overlooked by the scientific  
community.  This is explained below.

Take a look at any burned out light bulb.  Notice the black coating on  
the glass?   If you discuss this with any electronics professional, he/ 
she will be quick to tell you that a light bulb DOES NOT emit light.   
It sucks in darkness.  That is why the electronic abbreviation on a  
schematic for a light bulb is 'DS' - DS is a DARK SUCKER.

Prior and even ancient generations saw this effect as the blackness  
that coats oil lamp chimneys and the like.

Ever since mankind discovered fire, and later electricity, we have  
been putting the universe in peril.  This darkness thought to aid in  
the expansion of the universe is being sucked up in ever greater  
quantities through our electric lifestyle.   Newer CFL bulbs even  
compound the problem in their greater efficiency to suck in the  

Well, can't we just break a bulb and release the stored darkness?  The  
person who discovers how to accomplish this will likely win the next  
Nobel prize.  The atomic structure of the darkness is changes as it  
collects on the glass of the bulb.  Thousands of hours of absorption  
by the dark sucker creates only a few milligrams of tangible darkness  
collected on the glass.   I don't believe a darkness molecule has ever  
been collected for study, as that molecule has already been rendered  
useless by the dark sucker.

There's a whole new filed of study, ladies and gentlemen.

Joe, N6DGY

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