Dark Energy

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at aol.com
Sat Nov 24 04:45:52 CST 2007

> OK, back to reality for a moment.  While I was an electronics  
> instructor in the Navy, a few of us teachers actually could  
> convince some of the new students that a light bulb sucked darkness  
> rather than emit light.  It began with the black coating that  
> usually shows on clear glass bulbs after they burn out.  Yep,  
> that's not a carbon deposit from the filament - that bulb sucked in  
> all the darkness it could hold.  Of course we had to apologise and  
> let them in on the joke - after a time.
> Regards,
> Joe

Sorry Joe, you've lost me - are you suggesting that you have just  
suckered me with some kind of joke? Damn your superior American  


Phil M1GWZ

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