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Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 09:43:57 CST 2007

  As you know Frank G has a collection of VHF low band antenna coils and whips.
  The first two examples of these antennas tune right at 49.9 MHz.
  With some cutting and hacking, I got them to work at 52.5 MHz. 
  The 1.5 to 1 VSWR points were about 55 and 49, so they are good to go on the Six Meter Band.
  The problem with these antennas are finding mounting bases.
  Radio Shack sells a CB magnetic mount antenna kit, but it was either 39 or 49 dollars. 
  I didn't want to part with that much.
  I was able to contact one of my customers. (Be kind to these guys please)
  Auto Outfitters. 
  7220 Nathan Ct 
  VA 20109 
  Phone (703) 368-1756 
  They stock a lot of things in the CB world that adapt to this kind of antenna.
  He has a stock of Wilson antenna bases that will work on Franks antennas.
  They are not cheap either.  
  (At some point money will have to be spent. The radios are cheap, but the 'little stuff' that we need is going to cost bucks, and there is no way around it.)
  On the other hand, they do come with cables and connectors that match up to the Midland Radios.
  They have a Roof Mount base that requires drilling a hole. 
  Works on any more or less flat surface on a car.
  A trunk lip mount. Similar to the old style CB stuff.
  And a magnetic base.
  He also has a supply of NIB Antenna Specialists units for the 42 to 50MHz range that can be adjusted to work on 6m. These are 65 bucks each.
  This shop has a number of two way radio customers, so radios like these midlands are not unusual. AO offers an installation service if you don't have the time or ability to put these in your self.
  In other news.
  Yesterday I placed an order for another ten units. 
  So it's in the works guys.
  Been exchanging signals with a guy in Ohio who is doing a similar thing for his club out there.
  There was some action on the 53.61 / R. 
  We had three operators at once on the air. 
  Two's company and three is a crowd.
  The repeaters coverage is starting to flesh out. 
  One driver was at the 270 split in Maryland. 
  I was on the 495 near the Wilson Bridge.
  The last operator was in Tysons. 
  It worked rather well.
  I'm thinking of starting an informal net there on either Tuesday or Thursday nights. 
  I will write an outline of the thoughts and share them here. Feel free to kick the ideas apart. Usually better ideas come of such abuse.
  Thinking of a 'taco' style meeting of the 6M crew at the Old Dominion Brewing in Ashburn.
  Perhaps a mid month kind of thing. It's going to play hell with any kind of future diet I try, but such is life.
  Keep it safe

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