6 Meter Radio Project BINGO!

Metavox LLC metavox at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 29 19:27:40 CST 2007

My second call to Midland ended up with one of the techs who found a 
second manual to go with the first one.  This one was ordered and 
arrived today.  I now have a pretty complete set of manuals for the 
Midland Syntech-II 70-0520A/B/C radios.

We have not gotten the manuals for the other radios that Mike has gotten 

This manual has the key information we need to add on a data link 
feature.  It is modulated with a VCO for the FM so direct FSK should be 
quite feasible.  Likewise, the FM is detected with a Motorola MC3357 
Narrowband FM IF chip.  The discriminator looks to be DC coupled to the 
audio output.  This looks very promising.

I will have my copy at Tacos on Saturday so anyone can look them over. 
We need to start looking at how we will modify and test some radios now.


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