Supercapacitors, and Amateur Transceivers

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Sat Dec 1 21:04:17 CST 2007

> I have an Astron PSU which is not beefy enough 
> to keep the transceiver happy when on High Power. 
> Just looking for alternatives to replacing the 
> Astron, or the huge weight and cost of good 
> quality Marine deep cycle batteries. 

TX is less than 10% of operating time.  So a 8 AmpHour gel cell should do just fine.  Hook in parallel with the PS and set to 13.8v.  Battery will provide the TX peak current and the PS will keep the battery charged.

You can operate solid KEY down for an hour which is more than enough.  And each time you go back to RX, the PS can fill it back up.

Bob, Wb4APR

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