6 Meter Midland Mobile Radios

Metavox LLC metavox at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 1 21:23:48 CST 2007


We had a nice exchange at tacos today.  Now that we have a detailed 
manual we think we can modify them for FSK or for GMSK.  Before that we 
are looking to try a couple of TNCs to see how far they will deliver 
good data.

I can send you a CD of the manuals if you like.  Tom Azlin turned up the 
chip used in the D-Star radio for GMSK and the chip maker publishes a 
good application note on using the chip with an FM radio like ours.  I 
will forward his message shortly.  Additional discussion today revealed 
that the JARC has some standards on GMSK so we might want to see what 
they are thinking.

Lots to mull over.  Come on in, the water is fine.


Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Have there been any data ideas for these radios?
> what else can we use HAM radio for?
> Maybe a great way to go full duplex for an ECHO link node.  Yes, that is a nice idea.  Hummh...
> bob

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