Supercapacitors, and Amateur Transceivers

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I have worked with these several years ago.  They were rated at 3 volts 
and some talk of 5 volts.  They are getting some with higher voltage and 
Maxwell has some but they are several hundred dollars.

You should be fine with aluminum electrolytics and I think I have some 
in the 100k microfarad size.  I see 1.2 fd "stiffening" caps that are 
being sold for mongo auto stereo amps for around $70.  These are a bit 
bigger than the supercaps but cheaper.  Google on "1.2 farad stiffening 
  capacitor" and you should see what is out there.

That marine battery may be heavy but it is probably cheaper or equal to 
the mongo caps.

Frank K0BRA

Iain McFadyen wrote:
> Has anyone experimented with using Supercapacitors (1.5-6 Farad for example)
> across the DC supply to Ham Radio transceivers (SSB,CW or intermittent
> packet/APRS)?
> Or should I just save the money and go for a deep cycle Marine battery to go
> under the hamshack bench at home?
> I have an Astron PSU which is not beefy enough to keep the transceiver happy
> when on High Power. Just looking for alternatives to replacing the Astron, or
> the huge weight and cost of good quality Marine deep cycle batteries.
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