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Jerome Whelan whelanjh at
Sun Nov 25 19:28:34 CST 2007

Hello, Gentlemen -

I came across this list while doing a Google search for RITCO and SASCO... I 
apologize for the question, but it seems members of the group have some 
recollection of surplus electronic stores from my youth and I would love to 
hear some recollections of these stores if anyone has such.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's I was an electronics experimenter and 
ham radio operator; much of what I built and tinkered with was traceable to 
WW-II surplus electronic parts I bought at Key_Electronics, SASCO, and 

As a youngster, I remember walking around the front area of Key Electronics, 
picking up tubes and sockets, pots and transformers, resistors and 
capacitors - it was an experimenter's dream!

Once I started driving, I remember many trips to SASCO in Alexandria - down 
the shaky wooden staircase to the dirt-floor basement where tons of surplus 
equipment was stacked in narrow aisles :)

I do remember a couple of visits to RITCO in Annandale, but that is a vague 

I was first licensed in 1964 and held WN4QBV, WA4QBV and Extra AA3H. 
Regrettably I let my ticket expire while preoccupied with my professional 
employment. I'm hoping to regain my ticket in the future.

Jerry Whelan
email: whelanjh at verizon dot net

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