Sunair and Flexradio

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Dec 10 09:10:00 CST 2007

* Sunair Electronics and FlexRadio Working Together: Sunair Electronics,
announced in November that it has finalized an agreement with FlexRadio
Systems to purchase certain customized state-of-the-art software defined
high frequency radios (SDR) and accessory items for sale to Sunair's
government and military customers. A software defined radio is a major
departure from traditional designs where all radio frequency functions
and processing are accomplished with hardware. In an SDR, many of the
processes are accomplished with high speed digital processors allowing
for much simpler hardware designs and allowing for extreme flexibility
with respect for filtering and user specified functionality. HF radios
operate in the frequency range of 2-30 MHz and are designed for long
range global communications circuits. Sunair President Mark Allen said,
"FlexRadio has been refining their design for more than four years.
FlexRadio has combined extremely innovative software and graphical
interfaces with RF hardware to produce a product which is truly state of
the art when it comes to high frequency (HF) radio. This product will
help our customers with their critical national security communications
requirements." Gerald Youngblood, President of FlexRadio, said, "SDRs
represent the most significant change in communications technology in
well over half a century, allowing flexibility and performance not
practical with traditional analog approaches. We look forward to a long
and productive relationship with Sunair."

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