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outgoing.verizon.net andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Dec 15 20:26:53 CST 2007


For your information and guidance, I have encountered a certain number 
of serious problems with Kaspersky's Internet Security program.

(I had installed Kaspersky at the reecommendation of a  --now former-- 

Specifically, from time to time, and for no obvious reason, it would 
refuse to allow my laptop to access Wikipedia, offering some terse 
advice to the effect that "access to this URL is forbidden" (or words to 
that effect).

Deleting that program from my computer proved difficult, to say the 
least. Although I used the "Add or Remove Programs" feature of 
WindowsXP,  certain bits and pieces remained on the hard-disk. After 
that, the computer would start to boot up, but would stop after showing 
the welcome screen.

Finally, I had to resort to re-install the operating system (great joy) 
and all the programs (more joy).

I have now replaced this &*%$#*& Kaspersky program with ESET NOD 32 (as 
on my other computers), and it appears to operate very well.

André N4ICK

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