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Sat Dec 15 22:21:41 CST 2007

And now your computer thinks your name 
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At 09:26 PM 12/15/2007, outgoing.verizon.net wrote:
>For your information and guidance, I have encountered a certain number
>of serious problems with Kaspersky's Internet Security program.
>(I had installed Kaspersky at the reecommendation of a  --now former--
>Specifically, from time to time, and for no obvious reason, it would
>refuse to allow my laptop to access Wikipedia, offering some terse
>advice to the effect that "access to this URL is forbidden" (or words to
>that effect).
>Deleting that program from my computer proved difficult, to say the
>least. Although I used the "Add or Remove Programs" feature of
>WindowsXP,  certain bits and pieces remained on the hard-disk. After
>that, the computer would start to boot up, but would stop after showing
>the welcome screen.
>Finally, I had to resort to re-install the operating system (great joy)
>and all the programs (more joy).
>I have now replaced this &*%$#*& Kaspersky program with ESET NOD 32 (as
>on my other computers), and it appears to operate very well.
>André N4ICK
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