Good news about the 6m radios

Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Mon Dec 17 12:37:44 CST 2007

  To those who have expressed an interest in my 6m radio project many thanks.
  Got some good news.
  With the addition of a daughter board and a fresh injection of program material, I can take your existing 22 channel radios up to 99. 
  W/O having to un install the whole unit. 
  I you can take the drawer (the big lumpy transmitter looking part) out of your car, we can plug in the new daughter board and update the program in the radio.
  If I get my act together, I can do it at Taco's during lunch and not offend other patrons. 
  I have a 99 channel program already set in the computer. 
  It supports all the repeater splits and a bunch of simplex channels.
  When I figure out how to publish it here, you too will see it.
  The good news part is Ive been able to locate some people willing to sell a bunch of these boards. I'm going to get 20 or so from various vendors. They will work on any Midland XTR radio, so if you have a UHF or VHF that needs expansion, duck soup.
  So if your interested in one, let me know. 
  They should be here in a week or two.
  I have one unit reserved for an AMRAD member, and two more available should anybody else want a radio. 
  That's the news.
  Be well there.

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