Tacos Subject Lines (Lack of value)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 20 09:09:39 CST 2007

Tacistas, Please, this is nothing personal at all, just an

This tacos list is notorious for ambiguous posts with catchy
subject lines but with no hints at all as to the real info or
"value" contained.  These Tacos messages could be improved 100%
if the -bottom-line- value-to-the-reader is included in the
subject line.

As it is, everyone  on the list has to follow the links, read
the entire page and maybe then follow additional links to find
out what the thing is all about.  

On this one, [Re: A good use for an old PC and two NICs] all I
find is a single board uP.  I see nothing in particular of
interest to me (there are dozens of these out there) and I
cannot find anything that makes sense to the subject line.
Sure, I could invest another 5 minutes of my time to dig and dig
and try to piece together what the sender was trying to convey,
but I don't have that time...

The AMRAD Tacos list is the worst list in this regard too.
Subject lines like "Look at this".  "This is cute", "Wow, neat
idea", and so forth are quite useless unless the intent is to
waste and consume the maximum amount of time of all Tacos list
members.  If it is "cute" say why it is cute so we have an idea
what you have in mind and whether the link is worth following.

I still don't see where the "good use for an old PC and two
NICS" is on this page.  I'd have to read the entire fine print
to find out... Rememebr, I can be pretty dense...

Please. Put the "bottom line" in the subject line.  In this
case, "what was the good use?" so that I can tell from the
subject line if this message is worth reading and if the links
and sub links are worth the time to follow.

I made this complaint a year ago on Tacos, and was told by the
poster that he does not have time to edit the subject line.
Well, seems unfair then to place a greater burden of time on all
of the rest of us to take even more time, multiplied by the
number of people on this list to find out what the link is good

I guess we all get crodgedy as we get older.  Mine is showing..

I think we need to remember that if we want people to share our
interest and enthusiasm, then we need to take the extra 3
seconds to write a subject line that is meaningful to the end
user, who must evauate its content "out of the blue" in about
500 ms or delete it as another pig-in-a-poke...

Just 2 cents on this sunny beautiful day...

Bob, Wb4APR

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