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If the Tacos list is annoying you, the following page might offer relief:


"Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at> writes:

> Tacistas, Please, this is nothing personal at all, just an
> appeal...
> This tacos list is notorious for ambiguous posts with catchy
> subject lines but with no hints at all as to the real info or
> "value" contained.  These Tacos messages could be improved 100%
> if the -bottom-line- value-to-the-reader is included in the
> subject line.
> As it is, everyone  on the list has to follow the links, read
> the entire page and maybe then follow additional links to find
> out what the thing is all about.  
> On this one, [Re: A good use for an old PC and two NICs] all I
> find is a single board uP.  I see nothing in particular of
> interest to me (there are dozens of these out there) and I
> cannot find anything that makes sense to the subject line.
> Sure, I could invest another 5 minutes of my time to dig and dig
> and try to piece together what the sender was trying to convey,
> but I don't have that time...
> The AMRAD Tacos list is the worst list in this regard too.
> Subject lines like "Look at this".  "This is cute", "Wow, neat
> idea", and so forth are quite useless unless the intent is to
> waste and consume the maximum amount of time of all Tacos list
> members.  If it is "cute" say why it is cute so we have an idea
> what you have in mind and whether the link is worth following.
> I still don't see where the "good use for an old PC and two
> NICS" is on this page.  I'd have to read the entire fine print
> to find out... Rememebr, I can be pretty dense...
> Please. Put the "bottom line" in the subject line.  In this
> case, "what was the good use?" so that I can tell from the
> subject line if this message is worth reading and if the links
> and sub links are worth the time to follow.
> I made this complaint a year ago on Tacos, and was told by the
> poster that he does not have time to edit the subject line.
> Well, seems unfair then to place a greater burden of time on all
> of the rest of us to take even more time, multiplied by the
> number of people on this list to find out what the link is good
> for.?
> I guess we all get crodgedy as we get older.  Mine is showing..
> I think we need to remember that if we want people to share our
> interest and enthusiasm, then we need to take the extra 3
> seconds to write a subject line that is meaningful to the end
> user, who must evauate its content "out of the blue" in about
> 500 ms or delete it as another pig-in-a-poke...
> Just 2 cents on this sunny beautiful day...
> Bob, Wb4APR
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