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Michael O'Dell mo at
Thu Dec 20 18:49:53 CST 2007

A. Maitland Bottoms wrote:
> Perhaps you've been wondering: "What's Maitland been
> doing to waste time recently?"
> Well, one thing is I discovered this web site...
> (stop me if you've heard this one...)
> The good news is you'll only need to waste about 18 minutes
> at any one time :)
> -Maitland
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The TED conference is a real "E-ticket" (for those of you
old enough to remember that reference).

it's *very* pricey, though - last time i looked it was
circa $3k just for registration! the hotel where it's held
is almost certainly north of $300/night (likely well north).

after i started breathing again, i decided not to look again.


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