Mailing list spasms.....

Michael O'Dell mo at
Thu Dec 20 18:57:13 CST 2007

every mailing list i've ever been on occasionally goes
through a bought of devout navel-lint-picking. someone
posts a not completely un-righteous grumble - banter
wrapped in various levels of acrimony ensues - and
eventually everyone stipulates that there's more than
a crumb of truth in most of the positions espoused and
then things calm down.  the list then goes back to what its
real topics until the next herpetic outbreak.

the question is how many kilowatt-hours will be dissipated
as waste heat (note i said *waste*) before things calm down
and how long it takes for various parties to start speaking
again. i've seen everything from a nasty mosquito bite
to a nuclear detonation.

so everyone, just take a deep breath......

and hit delete. (grin)


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