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  Trying to amend my ways about titling conventions.
  Bob, are you going to be at Taco's this weekend?
  I talked to my boss about this, and that chat generated some enthusiasm. Might need to pick yours and other brains and collect some business cards.
  Let me know if and when you want some of these radios to play with.
  Keep it safe

Michael Chisena <ka2zev at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I am willing to donate two Syntech 1 (older style radios) to this project.
  Program them up and make them suitable for APRS style packet duty.
  One for base use, and another for mobile use.
  I have three others that can be donated with a 4 week delay while I locate control heads.

  I don't travel much out of the area, but some of the guys on the 147.300 are over the road truck drivers. I can see if one of them wants to host the mobile part of the test.
  Ideas welcome.
  sniped from the e mail.
  Cc: 'Bob Bruninga ' 

  Would this be a great NEW mission for some of these 6m 100W

Meteorscatter email from devistated areas on 51.63 MHz.

This is now trivial to set up with APRS. All we do is have
these radios scattered around the country and hooked to a TNC
and the home PC runing any Igate software. Done. 24/7
Monitoring for Email.

First responders in a blacked out area collect outgoing Emails
from senders as needed and put them in a continuous TX queue
using the normal 15 second
cycle times. Since Meteor scatter is a continuous statistical
process, then as long as the outgoing message has been in the TX
queue for X minutes, then there is a 99% probability that it was
received and injected into the internet. Sent, Done.

We can experiment to find out what X is. And there will be two
values of X. One for use with a 2 dBi gain vertical and another
with say a small beam. Of course using 9600 baud would GREATLY
improve throughput but also GREATLY restrict the number of
players. In my mind, since this is a rarely used potential, it
is better to have higher participation than optimum speed.

Thus, lets just use 1200 baud. And see how well it works.
Anyone with 6m FM rigs want to try it out?

Best target date for a test will be the upcoming quandritids on
4 January. Of course, meteor scatter works every day 24/7 and
the only reason for choosing a meteor shower is just to make it
more fun.

I remember we did APRS MS many years ago (1995) (APRSdos has a
built-in Meteor Scatter mode) but none of the follow on clones
implemented it so again, it is another APRS function lost to
one-way vehicle tracking.. Here are the results back then:



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> Can someone summarize meteorscatter packet experiments on 6
> A sparkplug in our local ham club is putting together a group 
> of many 100W 6 meter rigs and the only thing I can think of 
> that would be interesting is to set one up on a 6 meter APRS 
> DX channel to see what gets through on 6 meter MS.
> Is there a beacon-net frequency already functional there?
> ANy other great ideas for 6 meter applications other than 
> just FM talk? So many radios, so little time...

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