6m meteor scatter project follow on

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 21 11:11:46 CST 2007

> sounds like there might be interest in 
> a self-contained RX+demod+springhead+ethernet
> in a box. attach antenna, ethernet, power,
> and presto - instant APRS monitoring station.

That would be neat.  We could get Bill Diaz to write the code,
since his ALOGGER makes a great Igate without any of the APRS
overhead.  It is a set and forget background application that
simply feeds everything it hears from its serial port into the
APRS network.


> it would be nice if the RF section was modular
> but the goal would be to make it disgustingly
> cheap and nasty, but work "good enough"
> (Think Madman Muntz!) so that they would
> be deployed by the "very manys".
> with some of the new embedded processors
> that speak ethernet and IP, i suspect it
> could be a very small box indeed.
> hmmm - sounds like an Amrad project!!
> 	-mo

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