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FYI... some projects needing help.

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> I am putting out a call for volunteers to help with some specific
> prototyping tasks that AMSAT needs to do in the early part of 2008.
> http://www.amsat.org for those unfamiliar with the organization.
> The skills needed are
> 1) TIME  ;-)
> 2) I need FPGA programming help for a Virtex 2.  It will be used to
> prototype several different functions but a specific parallel channel
> demodulator, single carrier modulator, FEC generation and decoding need
> to be done. Existing cores that are not encumbered with IP are required
> so if that has to be new work, that is what it is.  I also need for a
> separate task to develop a PWM modulator to drive a switching power supply.
> 3) I need switching power supply designers to come out of the wood work
> and join in with an RF development effort.  While AMSAT has some power
> supply volunteers, they are mostly engaged.
> 4) I need up and down converters for 3.4 and 5.7 GHz that will be used
> to generate and receive hard limited constant envelope signals.
> Efficiency is paramount but this is a prototype.  Functioning would be
> ideal!
> 5) We could use people with RF test equipment and labs at their disposal
> to do tests on these prototypes.
> I think we are moving into an exciting and higher intensity time in
> AMSAT and it is my hope that some of these things will interest you.
> There will needs to be a meeting in January in the D.C. area, absolutely
> no later than Mid February if you are interested.
> If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, please contact me at
> my email address.
> Bob
> -- 
> AMSAT Director and VP Engineering.

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