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Gary Chatters gc-ar-l at garychatters.com
Sun Dec 23 09:22:09 CST 2007

Agilent is doing a good job of making application notes available as 
PDFs at their web site.  AN-150, Spectrum Analysis Basics, is available 
in two resolutions.  The PDF available directly from Agilent is a newer 
edition of the one available from JPL.  There are also at least 14 
supplements to AN-150, for example, AN-150-4, Spectrum Analysis: Noise 

Agilent has also been scanning old application notes and making them 
available.  The popular AN-52,  Frequency and Time Standards, published 
back in 1961, is now available online.  In addition to application notes 
they also have user and service manuals available.  These are not just 
for current models, which you would expect, but many older discontinued 
models as well.   To see what they had I searched for the 5345A, which 
they do have, and the 5245L, which is in their table but no manual 

Agilent states that they have installed a newer search capability as of 
November.  I only tried a couple of searches with it.  It did not always 
bring up all of the entries that I thought it should.  But if you know 
an AN  number, entering, say, "AN 150" in the search box on the home 
page will list all or at least most of the AN-150 application notes.

Another source of HP information is http://www.hparchive.com   They have 
some app notes and equipment manuals for some really old HP equipment.  
They also have PDFs of scanned HP catalogs.  I find it useful to have HP 
catalogs since they provide a description and specs for any equipment I 
might want to pick up at a hamfest or on eBay.


andre kesteloot wrote:
> Rob,
> This is indeed an excellent find. (HP stuff was always well-detailed and 
> illustrated)
> We will ask Frank to archive for future reference.
> Was there anything else you found on other sites?
> 73
> André
> **************************************
> Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
>> In an effort to get my hands around how to drive the Agilent spectrum
>> analyzer that I borrowed a week or so ago (not self-explanatory like
>> my first encounter with an oscilloscope in high school!), I managed to
>> turn up a pdf of HP Application Note 150 - Spectrum Analysis at
>> http://dsnra.jpl.nasa.gov/technical/spectrum_analyzer/modulation.pdf
>> Worthwhile read.
>>                                         ---rob

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