OLPC - One Lptop Per Child

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 09:35:35 CST 2007

I have in hand two OLPC evaluation units, that were given to me this
summer by OLPC. If anyone is interested to work with the units, please
let me know for development purposes only. The requirement was that I
look at integrating the OLPC system into my R&D platforms, a network
that is patent pending but not commercially introduced (and may not

The units have good capability and opportunity to provide WiFi +
Mesh-Wifi-modified-draft-802.11s-draft simultaneous; and if there is
anybody out there who wants to work on a partnership basis, I would
like to have an open-source module written for a school network
running off of a customised server platform adapted from my work. The
work is pretty much straightforward, and will have excellent benefits
if implemented. The intent is not to make money, and can be done in a
non-profit legal manner using the standard open-source development
tools. The estimate is 90-120 days software development requirement
for 2 persons.

A couple of notes: the battery life in the units is extremely good;
the units are easy to carry, and flip as a handheld tablet easily with
a color camera, full wireless and network facilities, think X-windows
and Ms-windows on a shoestring. And trust me, the apps may be written
for kids, but the hardware is really industrial strength, and really,
really would benefit from a localised school server with host-driven
apps. Think (new generation: Java) (old generation: X-windows and SIP
clients). Also full duplex audio facilities... and a color camera, and
a innovative black&white <-> color screen adaptable to power savings

if any interest, my contact number is given below.


Samudra Haque, N3RDX
(202) 812-3325

On Dec 23, 2007 6:32 AM, Robert E. Seastrom <rs at seastrom.com> wrote:
> "Michael O'Dell" <mo at ccr.org> writes:
> > they are very cute. the keyboard is designed for
> > little fingers, although i manage to type on it.
> I played with one, I'm of the same mind as the guy here (too small):
> http://flickr.com/photos/silvermeteors/2127564497/
> > I suggest that if you want a more orthodox but
> > still small "pc", you should look at the Asus EEE.
> > you can get the 8gig-flash version from Newegg
> > and the memory can be upgraded, too. it also
> > runs Linux but is more a "true PC" in that
> > WindozeXtraPain runs outa the box; not so with
> > the XO.

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