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Gary Chatters gc-ar-l at garychatters.com
Sun Dec 23 15:55:49 CST 2007

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Spiffy, what's the entry url for Agilent's documentation at their
> site?  They seem to be following in the time-honored tradition of HP
> in terms of having really great documentation on a really crappy web
> site so that you can't find it...
>                                         ---rob
> Gary Chatters <gc-ar-l at garychatters.com> writes:

Their home page at http://www.agilent.com has an area labeled "Technical 
Support" which has links to "Manuals" and "Application Notes".  Follow 
those and about four clicks will get you to some useful documents.  If 
you find an interesting application note, it may help to go back to the 
home page and enter the AN number, e.g., "AN 150" to find more useful 

It should have been possible to find all appropriate application notes 
through the Technical Support links, but coming back and doing the 
search on the AN number found more related documents.  I have not used 
this very much, so perhaps there are better ways to access the files.  
One of the pages had a View All button, which provides a index of all 
2043 app notes at 25 per page. 

Try browsing around a little and see what you can find.


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