Got in the first 10 Midland XTR memory expansion wafers. 6m groop announcment. Conversion article project.

Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Wed Dec 26 09:21:13 CST 2007

  Got the first ten units of the plug in module that expands the Midland 70-0375C (and similar xtr) from 22 to 99 channels.
  I hope to get a little time to edit my 99 channel list, and print up some copies.
  Here is what I'm thinking.
  If you have one of these radios, bring it to Taco's Saturday. 
  I can drop the wafer in during lunch. Four screws, one snap on housing, that's the mechanical side.
  If I bring a gell cell battery, cable and control head, I might be able to re flash the new program at the table, if not, then in the car.
  Give this a look at.
  Feel free to join in and make comments.
  Looking to start the 6m net on Tuesday nights around 20:00.
  The first few are 
  Tuesday Jan 8Th, 15Th
  The third Tuesday is the 22ND, that's the dinner meeting at Old Dominion Brewing in Ashburn.
  Been casually working on an article on how to convert these radios.
  This is some of what I have so far.
  Comments welcome.
  Ive been reprogramming the TVI filter aka Low Pass on the XTR edition of that radio 70-0375C and have been getting flat 110 watts from 50 to 53MHz.
  Also look at my flickr page
  it is by no means complete so treat this like a work in progress.
  Keep it safe

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