Got in the first 10 Midland XTR memory expansion wafers. 6mgroopannouncment. Conversion article project.

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Thu Dec 27 21:10:20 CST 2007

My guess is that 1200 baud packet is toooooo slow.  From what I remember
about meteor work, it lasts a very short time.  Just syncing the modems may
take too long (unless you do much faster than the old Bell 202 style modems.

I think you will need a much faster modem, and probably a higher data rate.

But, I could be wrong.

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6mgroopannouncment. Conversion article project.

> Ok gents we are well on our way to having numerous 6 m radios with voice
> capability lots of power and a ground wave range in the tens of miles at a
> minimum most of the time.  Work I have read about in the past indicates
> purpose built meteor networks (SnowTel and Alascom)  got out to 100-150
> miles all the time just on ground wave and forward scatter, meteors only
> came in to play after about 400 miles and out to about 1200 miles as I
> remember, but FAST was always the key to keeping up a link and making a
> system profitable.   Personally I think the digital operation of our
> is the way to go.  Voice of course should not be prevented or eliminated
> Meteor Scatter I would bet is the way to plan going if some new USEFUL 6
> meter technique or service is to evolve.  Anyone want to hazard a guess
> "BEST" (read, cheapest, easiest, most universal, quickest)  way to do it?
> 1200 baud packet?  AFSK?    HSCW...(high speed CW) which with an FM radio
> might really only be Audio keying of the radio driven by a sound card I
> suppose.  True CW would be a bit difficult with an FM radio but not
> impossible if you really wanted to nearly rebuild the radios.  For the
> moment it seems that the traditional  "2 meter" style FM 1200 baud packet
> looks best to me.  Any one want to argue? (or propose a better way)  We
> an approach to try experimenting with for starters and have a next effort
> plan if the first doesn't work out so well in the foreseeable future.
> little to no experience with packet at the moment and I have some doubts
> about the protocol and whether it can handle small and or many fragmented
> packets.  Seems to me if the packets were quite small that if anything got
> thru on a given meteor trail then a whole (small) packet would.
> Multiple small packets sooner or later make a message no matter the time
> assemble them.  What does anyone think about "fast" PSK 31, ie MT 63?   or
> faster?  Just a little chum for AMRAD's sharks to feed on for now.  GAME
> guys!  Lets start thinking, building, experimenting we've been a bit dull
> a radio club for some time now. 73 ..KA0ESA.
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> groopannouncment. Conversion article project.
> > Hi Mike,
> >
> > Not sure about others but I will not be able to make a Tuesday night
> > net.  That is the Fairfax ARES meeting night, the VWS board meeting
> > night and the Vienna Wireless HF digital net night. the previous
> > activity night was on Wednesdays at 7PM or so.
> >
> > I am interested in the upgrade to the 6m radio.
> >
> > 73, Tom n4zpt
> >
> > Michael Chisena wrote:
> >> All, Got the first ten units of the plug in module that expands the
> >> Midland 70-0375C (and similar xtr) from 22 to 99 channels.   I hope to
> >> get a little time to edit my 99 channel list, and print up some copies.
> >>   Here is what I'm thinking.   If you have one of these radios, bring
> >> to Taco's Saturday.  I can drop the wafer in during lunch. Four screws,
> >> one snap on housing, that's the mechanical side.   If I bring a gell
> >> cell battery, cable and control head, I might be able to re flash the
> >> new program at the table, if not, then in the car.
> >> ..................... !   Give this a look at.
> >> Feel free to join in and make
> >> comments.   Looking to start the 6m net on Tuesday nights around 20:00.
> >> The first few are Tuesday Jan 8Th, 15Th The third Tuesday is the 22ND,
> >> that's the dinner meeting at Old Dominion Brewing in Ashburn.
> >> .................................................. Been casually
> >> on an article on how to convert these radios. This is some of what I
> >> have so far. Comments welcome.     Ive been reprogramming the TVI
> >> aka Low Pass on the XTR edition of that radio 70-0375C and have been
> >> getting flat 110 watts from 50 to 53MHz.   Also look at my flickr page
> >>   it
> >> is by no means complete so treat this like a work in progress.   Keep
> >> safe Mike
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