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>From: Pete Norloff <pnorloff05 at toward.com>
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>Subject: Hook Estate Auction
>With the holidays behind us, we can now turn our attention to the auction of
>Len Hook's equipment.
>The Vienna Wireless Society is auctioning the equipment of our good friend
>and club member Len Hook, KG6ZR (SK).  This auction is open to current
>members of the Vienna Wireless Society and QCWA Chapter 91.  Len was family
>to both groups.
>We are conducting this auction in much the same way as the Summitt auction.
>Bids are being accepted by email sent to hook at viennawireless.org
>For full details about the equipment including photos, as well as the
>auction itself, please see:
>Thank you for your participation and support.
>Pete Norloff, KG4OJT

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