6m meteor Scatter project.

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Dec 29 14:02:35 CST 2007

The #1 advantage of this current 6m MS proposal is that it does not attempt 2-way exchange.  It takes unique advantage of these primary issues:

1) APRS Email Mission is delivery of SINGLE Email packets.

2) A single successful packet results in real-world value, sender-to ANY human recepient on the planet

3) Space-diversity: Receivers at IGates all over the country all linked in real time via the internet.  THis improves reliability by an order of magnitude.  Not just one area of the sky, between point A and B, but ALL areas of the sky beteeen A and B-thru-ZZ are potential meteor reflectors.

4) Only one packet to one receiver is needed for 100% success.

5) Individual testing is one-handed.  All IGate receivers are automomous and listening 24/7.  SO any tester only needs to TRANSMIT his email, and then watch his PC for success.

It is this unique "emergeny outgoing email" mission, unique-existing APRS infrastrcutre and existing email engines that make this new project quite viable and not necessarily dependent on a critical mass.

Lets get some on the air listening...

Bob, Wb4APR

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