6m meteor Scatter project.

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at cox.net
Sat Dec 29 16:27:14 CST 2007

Thanks Bob,

What is the simplest way to set up an iGate? I see that using Alogger 
for a Satgate is mentioned frequently. Would that be a good choice?

73, Tom n4zpt

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> The #1 advantage of this current 6m MS proposal is that it does not
> attempt 2-way exchange.  It takes unique advantage of these primary
> issues:
> 1) APRS Email Mission is delivery of SINGLE Email packets.
> 2) A single successful packet results in real-world value, sender-to
> ANY human recepient on the planet
> 3) Space-diversity: Receivers at IGates all over the country all
> linked in real time via the internet.  THis improves reliability by
> an order of magnitude.  Not just one area of the sky, between point A
> and B, but ALL areas of the sky beteeen A and B-thru-ZZ are potential
> meteor reflectors.
> 4) Only one packet to one receiver is needed for 100% success.
> 5) Individual testing is one-handed.  All IGate receivers are
> automomous and listening 24/7.  SO any tester only needs to TRANSMIT
> his email, and then watch his PC for success.
> It is this unique "emergeny outgoing email" mission, unique-existing
> APRS infrastrcutre and existing email engines that make this new
> project quite viable and not necessarily dependent on a critical
> mass.
> Lets get some on the air listening...
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