6 meter APRS or meteorscater formats?

Michael O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Mon Dec 31 21:45:10 CST 2007

Glenn Baumgartner wrote:
> Gents, while we mull over the situation on how best to use our new found 100 
> watt FM toys take a look at a professional Commercial Meteor Burst Comm 
> System.  Some things to learn here. We are on basically the right track. 
> Just interesting to see what makes money.  See 
> http://www.meteorcomm.com/products/prod_mcc_545B.aspx interesting stuff. 
> These guys will sell you a complete turn key system.  Nuf for now.  Bob, 
> keep plugging. looks to me like "OUR" solution may well be along the lines 
> you are thinking.   I looked at JT441 and JT6M  (for 6 meters) and they seem 
> to like SSB radios but in reality the keying is actually AFSK....OK you CAN 
> do afsk on an FM radio.  Just may not work as well in very low noise SNRs.. 
> Seems to me that FM might work better than ssb once you get the first 4-5 dB 
> of SNR. I know the SNR will be better once you get to 6 dB.. Got to ponder 
> this a bit. Ideas comments?  73 Glenn b.  KA0ESA

most interesting is this tidbit about Meteorcomm:

	it's a wholly-owned subsidiary of
	Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation

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